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You have enough to worry about just taking care of your customers. Let RP Support Asia Ltd. handle the business of keeping you in business by ensuring your rapid prototype machines are always running at their best. We can service and supply all needed parts for standard or modified SLA250, SLA500, SLA350, SLA3500, SLA5000, SLA7000, and Viper machines. RP Support have also developed alternative low cost upgrades to some of the systems on these machines. Contact us for details.


Your machine time is your most valuable asset. Keeping your SLA machine running at peak form is crucial to your business. RP Support Asia Ltd. knows this and can help you schedule preventive services as well as emergency repairs in the most effective, efficient and low cost manner offered in the industry. Contact Dan Davis today on +66 8 9893 5635 for a consultation on just how RP Support Asia Ltd. can help your business become more profitable!


In addition to the best service team in Asia, we also offer resins from DSM Somos through our associate RP Support UK. We also have refurbished and warranted used equipment available. And if you are looking to update that old machine with the latest electronics and laser technology, we can do that too. We also buy used equipment. Contact us for details.

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